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The Langley family moved to the farm in 1998.  Cecil Alton Langley and his family moved from Wilson Mills and purchased a 34 acre tract of land in the small town of Selma, NC right outside of Pine Level.  The first thing built on the property was the barn, which is now home of the AM Farm Market, while they designed and built their dream home.  In one short year what was just a vacant soybean field sat a newly built barn and house just as the Langley's had always dreamed.  Three short years later Cecil was diagnosed with Melanoma and passed away on April 2, 2002 leaving behind his wife, Dianne and two kids, Boone and Ashley.  Although Cecil told Dianne time and time again to sell the farm once he was diagnosed, the family kept it and continued to make a life there even though things would never be the same.  By then the farm was home to several horses, chickens, and dogs.  Their daughter Ashley developed a deep love for horses and would spend every free second of time riding her horse Cinnamon.  Three years later, Ashley passed. Since then Boone has taken it upon himself to continue to grow the farm into a productive and lucrative place.  He developed his love and knowledge for Great Pyrenees and sheep over time.  But it wasn't until the summer of 2016 that he decided to make the jump into crop production.  Since then he has devoted every free second to learning how to better run the farm through integrated pest management, rotational grazing, minimal use of pesticides, and everything else he can read and study about.



Dianne & Cecil

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