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Ashlan Meadows was originally purchased in 1999 without any real intentions of a farm. Boone's mother and father; Cecil and Dianne Langley purchased the ground that then only was used for cows and planting a typical crops of the area by local farmers. Moving from a neighborhood, Cecil was intent on having a space for his family to grow and enjoy the life outdoors. Horses were at the forefront of this plan and the red barn we use now as our farm market was built and used for just that. With the barn completed just before the house in 1999 it wasn’t long before Cecil and the family were bring various farm animals and livestock home. Living on the farm was Cecil and Dianne Langley along with their two children; Boone and Ashley Langley.


Unfortunately, tragedy struck not long after moving into their new home with Cecil getting a diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma cancer. Cecil Alton Langley passed away April 2002. Ashley, then being a teenager stepped up to help with lots of the care that comes with tending a large piece of land and farm animals. As time ticked on tragedy found its way again to the Langley home with the passing of Ashley Langley in August of 2005 and the very young age of 17. To say the least, Dianne and Boone were left in turmoil as a fairly new home and farm sat in a haze of sadness and loss. As time once again marched, Boone continued on through school exploring various entrepreneur ventures at the farm one being horse boarding. So in 2012 Ashlan Meadows was established. "Ash" for Ashley and the 'lan" for the families last name Langley was used to honor the both Cecil and Ashley and the land which they so loved. 



Dianne & Cecil

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